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Pilot Careers

With a fleet of Boeing 777s, 767s, and 737s, flying with Eastern is about making a difference where it’s needed most. This isn’t your everyday airline route. It’s about challenging flights that make a difference.

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In The Sky With Eastern

Watch the video below and discover why Captain Jourdan and First Officer Agazi wouldn’t want to fly anywhere else.

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Eastern: Your Best Choice

Why Fly With Eastern?

Worldwide Care

From firefighting missions in Brazil to transporting troops to Africa, every day brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to make an impact.

Home Base Flexibility

Live anywhere and fly everywhere. Your home base is where you make it, with type ratings in our aircraft as your passport to the world.

Unmatched Benefits

With a 72-hour monthly minimum guarantee, 200% overage pay, comprehensive health benefits, and immediate 401k vesting, we ensure our team's security and satisfaction.

Our Values in Flight

Safety, respect, integrity, transparency, 
and efficiency aren't just words; they're the principles that guide every decision we make and every flight we take.

Working for Eastern is great because it gives you a chance to get out of the ordinary.

Jourdan Cabaud

Eastern Airlines Boeing 777 Captain

What Makes Eastern Airlines & Eastern Air Express Unique?

Diverse Missions, Real Impact

Unlike routine airline routes, our flights span the globe with a purpose. From aiding in disaster relief to critical troop transport, each mission offers a chance to contribute meaningfully while facing new challenges.

True Flexibility, Genuine Adventure

With the liberty to choose your base, our pilots enjoy unparalleled flexibility that matches their lifestyle. This isn't just about varied destinations; it's about crafting a career that's as dynamic as you are.

Unrivaled Support, team Spirit

Our team is our strength. From the cockpit to the ground crew, the sense of support and camaraderie at Eastern is second to none. Joining us means becoming part of a team that values each member's contribution and well-being.

Commitment to Excellence

Our dedication to safety, efficiency, and integrity is unwavering. But it's our collective commitment to going above and beyond—whether in service, maintenance, or mission planning—that truly makes us unique.

Working for Eastern there’s a diverse group of people with different nationalities and cultures.

Agazi Gebreweld

Eastern Airlines Boeing 777 First Officer

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